Geoscience Program Director

Claire Ashcraft has a B.S. in Geology and is currently a Geology master’s student attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Her thesis involves geologic hazard research and mitigation in the Banda Islands of Maluku, Indonesia. Having worked with In Harm’s Way for several years, Claire has seen firsthand how a lack of natural hazard education and preparation can cause significant death and destruction. With her work she hopes to help prevent these tragedies from occurring in the future. While most of her current research is in Indonesia, Claire recognizes her own home state of Utah is similarly underprepared for a major earthquake on the Wasatch Fault, and through IHW is striving to change that.


Dr. Carolus Prasetyadi is a Professor of Geology at Universitas Pembangunan Nasional (UPN) in central Java, and he speaks English fluently. He attained his MSc. in structural geology from West Virginia University in the USA and completed his Ph.D. at Institut Teknologi Bandung. Dr. Prasetyadi was formerly one of Prof. Harris’ graduate students and is part of the Center for Natural Disaster Mitigation at UPN. He was a visiting professor at Brigham young University in 2014, and co-led the disaster mitigation expeditions conducted previously in Indonesia (1997, 2009, 2012-2017). He has published several papers on tectonic problems in Indonesia, including papers on natural hazards and disaster mitigation.


Dr. Irina Rafliana is a Professor of Sociology at the Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) who specializes in communicating natural hazards risk and implementing disaster mitigation strategies at the local level. Her primary role is to coordinate with educators and students from the areas visited to develop and deliver effective seismic hazards presentations and training. She has participated in two disaster mitigation expeditions.

Ambon Disaster Mitigation Officer

Julian Fretha is a natural disaster prevention officer for the Indonesian Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) in Ambon. She earned her BSc. in Engineering at the Indonesian Military University and her MA in disaster mitigation from University of Indonesia. She has joined three disaster mitigation expeditions since 2012 and is responsible for saving thousands of lives from a flood in Ambon because of her work in disaster prevention.

Geoscience Student Researcher

Gilang Setiati (BSc. Geological Sciences, UPN) has worked with In Harm’s Way in Indonesia since 2013. Based on his experiences he established the Art for Resilient Communities (ARC) project, an initiative that helps those in rural communities use art and cameras to document potential geohazards and construct a Story Map of those hazards for those most at risk.

Geoscience Student Researcher

Ian Reid Bell is a Geology student and Air Force ROTC cadet at Brigham Young University finishing up his sophomore year. He was born in Mesa, Arizona but grew up in Dallas, Texas with his four siblings and a loving mother and father. Growing up, he loved sports and the outdoors and received his Eagle Scout when he was 13 years old. Ian went to Indonesia as a community-service volunteer from 2015-2017 and lived in Malang, Tangerang, Jakarta, Solo, and Semarang. Since November of 2018, he has been working with Dr. Harris and his team preparing to do research in Indonesia this summer. Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, he is excited to return to Indonesia with Dr. Harris and help identify potential natural hazards.

Engineering Student Researcher

Bryce Berrett is an undergraduate Civil Engineering student researcher at BYU with a focus and interest in natural disaster mitigation and UAV-3D modeling technology. He was born and raised in Orem, Utah and, growing up, enjoyed breaking rocks open in his backyard and building things out of legos, magnetix, and k’nex. Two weeks after high school graduation he left as a community-service volunteer for two years in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He is fluent in Spanish, speaks some Portuguese, and is learning Indonesian. He participated in the Summer 2017 In Harm’s Way BYU-UVU Indonesia trip and has made dozens of tsunami inundation hazard maps for the Java Trench, Peru, and Chile. He is also currently involved in research with BYU professor Dr. Franke in UAV 3D modeling projects studying areas affected by natural disasters.

Geoscience Student Researcher

Abby Mangum is a junior at Brigham Young University studying Geology and Geospatial Science and Technology. She was born and raised in Springville, Utah with her parents and four younger siblings. Growing up, she was a rock hound who loved hiking and exploring the outdoors. In 2014, Abby spent several weeks in Lima, Peru doing humanitarian work and helping at a local school. While there, she had the opportunity to hike Machu Picchu and fulfill a childhood dream. Abby served as a community-service volunteer in Belgium and the Netherlands from 2016-2017. She’s been using the Dutch she learned there to research and translate historical earthquake records from the Dutch East Indies. She has worked for Dr. Harris since October 2018 researching large historical earthquakes in Indonesia, helping to build up the seismic history in the area. Abby is excited to travel to Indonesia this summer and help take Vs30 measurements and do hazard assessment.

Program Officer (Indonesia)

Poliman Harsono (Poli) is an Indonesian humanitarian and environmental activist born and raised in Indonesia. He received his Bachelor Degree in Political Science from Brigham Young University – Hawaii and D3 Degree in English for Tourism from STBA LIA Jakarta. Poli has worked for humanitarian and conservation organizations, the US government, and in the media and campaigning. In 2009, Poli coordinated the first plastic waste reduction campaign in the touristy Island of Bali with a think tank group made up of environmentalists from Indonesia, Australia, Europe, and the US. He later led in raising awareness and fundraising for the reforestation of Sumatran Orangutan’ forest habitat at Gunung Leuser National Park. Along with some Indonesian public profiles and Volcom Surf Global, Poli was instrumental in the production of “The Last Orangutan” documentary film that won 2012 Miami Short Film Festival for the environmental category. His passion for wildlife conservation doesn’t stop him from being involved in humanitarian work as proven by his role in recent disaster relief efforts in Lombok, Palu, the Sunda Strait, and as far as South Sumatra. He has also served in a special assignment to bring relief to 55,000 political refugees in West Timor after the civil war that broke out in East Timor in 2000. Together with his friends, he founded a non-profit organization called Habitat Alam Khatulistiwa (Habitat Nature Equator) whose aim is to protect the habitat and nature of Indonesia. HAK has come on board to team up with In Harm’s Way to promote disaster preparedness through offering education and awareness programs to thousands of Indonesians.

Outreach Program Director

Ethan Westfall is a sophomore at Brigham Young University studying entrepreneurial management. He was born and raised in Boise, ID and is the third of six children. Ethan served as a community-service volunteer in Indonesia from 2015-2017 and speaks fluent Bahasa Indonesia. He is excited and grateful for the opportunity to give back to Indonesia and to literally save lives there. In addition to his involvement with In Harms Way, Ethan is a Teaching Assistant for one of BYU’s general education courses, American Heritage. Education is of the upmost importance to him, and the experience that he will get in his efforts to enable the people of Indonesia to better prepare for natural disasters aligns well with his goal to one day earn a PhD in Education.


Dr. Sarah Hall is an Associate Professor of Public Health at Utah Valley University. She has conducted human health efficacy research in Africa and joined two disaster mitigation expeditions in Indonesia. She conducted questionnaire surveys throughout Java, Bali, Lombok, and Sumba in 2016-17 to quantify the level of awareness of those most at risk for tsunami hazards. The results of these surveys were recently published.

Geoscience Student Researcher

Rachel Willmore is studying geology at Brigham Young University and attributes living through the 2001 Nisqually earthquake in Seattle, Washington as the start of her passion for geology and geologic hazards. She began working with Ron Harris as a research assistant for In Harm’s Way in 2018. Since then she has researched historic earthquake records and has assisted in creating maps of areas in Indonesia that are at risk for major earthquakes. From 2016-2017, Rachel was a community service volunteer in Fresno, California where she leaned Spanish. She is currently learning Indonesian and looks forward to helping those in Indonesia learn about and prepare for natural disasters.

Program Director

Marcelle Brown had the opportunity to live in Indonesia during college, when IBM sent her father there to manage their offices. Later, she became a community-service volunteer there. Since then she has completed an MBA, worked as a Senior Manager at Verizon, and spent many happy years raising kids. She is excited to go back to Indonesia with In Harms Way. Working with the Indonesian people and helping with disaster mitigation is an exciting opportunity.

Geoscience Student Researcher

Hanif Suliaman recently completed his MSc. in tsunami hazards of Bali, Lombok and Nusa Tengara at BYU. He discovered many tsunami deposits on islands adjacent to the Java Trench demonstrating that it is at high-risk for a mega-thrust earthquake and tsunami. Hanif has also participated in 4 natural disaster mitigation expeditions.