In Harm’s Way provides specific natural hazards education to villagers who live in the communities where the organization is doing its forecasting research. We accomplish this education by the following:

  • Communicating with local leaders and organizations and collaborating with them to set up natural hazards education meetings for the community
  • Conducting natural hazards education meetings for the locals providing training on how to prepare, how to recognize warning signs, how to react and how to survive afterwards. Education materials are provided in the native language that they can take home and use to teach their families, prepare their homes and create family emergency preparedness plans.
  • Providing trainings of local experts on how to protect those in their communities that are in the most danger of these natural hazards.
  • Providing tuition scholarships for locals interested in natural disaster risk reduction to attend a local college and pursue a degree in geologic studies focused on natural hazards.
  • Pursuing the establishment of warning networks through existing and readily available telecommunication systems to notify civilians in specific geographical areas when a hazard is approaching and therefore minimize impact on emergency services needed after the event.