We work to reduce injury, save lives, and encourage self-reliance by educating individuals
about the effects of natural hazards worldwide through disaster risk reduction activities before the event happens

Summer 2016 Team

Ron Harris
Founder and Chief of Research and Development
Degrees: Ph.D., Geological Sciences, University College London, MSc., Geophysical Institute Alaska, BSc. Geology Univ. of Oregon.
Contact Ron at rharris.inharmsway@gmail.com

Ron Harris grew up in Oregon where the landscape is shaped by active tectonic processes of the Cascadia subduction zone. His first memories are of traveling through this landscape and wondering how it formed. Why were the mountain ranges parallel to one another, the volcanoes so evenly spaced, the coastline so rugged in some places and drowned in others? At the same time the scientific revolution of plate tectonics was taking shape. Ron learned about plate tectonics in a high school geology class, which provided a way for him to translate the pattern language of nature into something he could understand. The astonishment he experienced stirred a passion in him that continues to build with each new discovery he makes about how Earth works.

Ron Harris is a professor of geological sciences at Brigham Young University. His research in disaster mitigation integrates many sub-disciplines including structural geology, geomorphology, petrology, geochemistry, geochronology, geophysics, computer modeling, and field studies in many of Earth’s most active tectonic settings. The common thread of his research, teaching and community outreach is the impact of geological processes on man. He has published many papers in top-tiered journals, book chapters and a book with information to assist those in harm’s way of natural hazards in preparing for and surviving the worst nature can bring.